winners in this world

Winners are everyday heroes. Winners take their dreams seriously. Winners never give up and won't let you give up either. Winners have attitude. Winners care in their sleep. Winners make big things happen a little at a time. Winners say "Yes" to freedom and change. Winners go with the flow. Winners see the beginning in every ending. Winners expect the best. Winners inspire the best in others. Winners are the richest people in the world when it comes to experience, laughter, and love.

(I have read this motivating words 6 years ago. Biro mo, so many years na ang lumipas bago ko uli ito nabasa. Somehow, I gain my confidence again by simply meditating on this passage.... "Yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Masyado kasi akong nabagabag sa nangyari sa buhay ko nitong mga nagdaang taon. Akala ko di ako makakatagal sa mga pagsubok na dumating sa buhay ko. Thanks God! Kahit na ilang beses akong bumagsak mas mahalaga kay Lord kung ilang beses akong bumangon. Still... I'm a winner.)

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hey amen on that :D aside from my personal blog

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God bless :D
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